Onsite IT Support

JBS PCSolutions.com provides onsite PC Repair / Service & Support across Adelaide and South Australia metropolitan area for home & business users. 

JBS PC Solutions offers a wide range of computer services to suit your needs! 

Basic & advanced computer diagnosis
Preventative maintenance
Computer repairs & upgrades
Printer & scanner support
Virus & Spyware removal/ prevention

Software troubleshooting & resolution
Data backup & disaster recover solutions.
Networking (Wireless Routers, Network Printers, Map Network Drives and Share Files between all of your computers.)
PC cleanup


       We provide services for:
                                               Home Office 
                                                                                    Personal users  



Our '3-Hour Labour Price Cap' Guarantee * 

We guarantee that the maximum time you will ever be charged to fix a computer problem will be two hours. 

Any additional time we spend repairing your computer is 100% free of charge.

We do NOT charge a call-out fee. You will only pay for the time we spent onsite.
To be Part of OUR MEMBERS, please Submit Order below! (12 months Membership at AUD$50)

Service Rates* Members Non Members
Onsite Consultant + Support
30 mins  (Min. surcharge)
$30 $40
* Every 1/2 hour after 30mins: $20 (Member)
* Every 1/2 hour after 30mins: $30 (Non member)

* Onsite services offered to Adelaide metro areas only

JBS PC Solutions offers a unique 'at your door setup' to all home and office computer users. We able help you to configure your computer.

§          Build new system
§          Computer repairs & upgrades
§          Basic & advanced computer diagnosis
§          XP/Vista/Windows 7 password reset
§          Preventative maintenance
§          Printer & scanner support
§          Virus & spyware removal/ prevention
§          Software troubleshooting & resolution
§          Data backup & disaster recover solutions
§          Networking
§          PC cleanup
§          Web Domain
§          SSL Certificates
§          E-mail Hosting
§          Remote Support

Onsite PC Repair / Service & Support across Adelaide and South Australia metropolitan area for home & business users only.

Working hours:  
Monday - Saturday, 8am - 8pm 
After hours will be charge as Emergency rate @ $100 per hour (minimum charge)

By phone:
Onsite Support / enquiry on 0426 455 537

By Email:
Sales enquires: sales@jbspcsolutions.com
Technical enquires: support@jbspcsolutions.com

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